Sense the Joy with Triangle Nia

There are more than 40 weekly Nia classes in the Triangle, taught by 20 Licensed Nia® teachers, each bringing a unique style to teaching the Nia Technique®. Nia's Belt Training system borrows from the martial arts: White, Blue, Green (optional), Brown, Black, 1st Degree Black, and beginning in 2019, 2nd Degree Black. Nia also offers specialized trainings: Nia 5 Stages, Nia FreeDance, Nia Moving to Heal, Nia 52 Moves and MoveIT, and Nia Floorplay (some of these are open to the general public).

Explore the many facets of Nia with classes, Nia Jams, playshops, and other events offered by Triangle Nia teachers. Find a class near you and check out upcoming events. Get ready to dance through your life! Comments or Questions ? Or send us an email !

I’ve done many types of exercise over the years, and Nia is the only one during which I’m always smiling.