13 Gifts I Received from Nia White Belt

Dear Nia Community,

I truly love this work and this healing practice called Nia. And I have seen those do the training and shift their Nia practice to a new level of awareness, self-healing, and conditioning. I have observed those who get in touch with their passion and begin to create a new livelihood that is connected to their true nature. I have witnessed profound creativity and expansion in White Belt Trainees, just from this one week experience. (Split Weekend Training in January 2019!) I am going to borrow from my fellow trainer and friend, Tracy Stamper. She inspired me to do what she had done, to write impeccably. --Kate Finlayson, Nia White Belt Trainer

1. Loving my Body. I mean Really! Just as it was. It did not happen overnight, but after the training, I recall two exact moments...where something shifted and I WAS in my body with total acceptance. And I have loved 'her' ever since!
2. Gratitude for being a woman. Living in awareness of my sensations opened up a whole new world of pleasure and femininity for me.
3. Physical Healing. Doctors had told me things about my body that were very limiting. Nia slowly brought back mobility, strength, and flexibility to my knees and shoulders. No more chronic pain!
4. Emotional Healing. Expressing myself became the most powerful medicine. Making sounds and allowing all emotions to color my movement released so much pain, anger, and sadness in a joyful way. Imagine that!
5. Connecting to JOY~ the ability to Choose Joy even in the midst of difficult situations.
6. Fascination with the human body and appreciation for all its functions. What a miracle we are! A true 'Fantastic Voyage'.
7. Healthy compassionate fitness! It is gentle on my joints. I can practice every day and I look forward to moving my body without ever getting bored!
8. Balance - both in mind and body. I am able to find that 'middle ground' with much more ease. I can come to quiet mind and be in stillness so much easier than before.
9. Community! This has been one of the most powerful healing aspects. I have found a tribe of kindred spirits~friends that are diverse, unique, and kind who live in my area, as well as those that dance Nia all over the world.
10. A New appreciation for Music!!! I listen with every cell of my body and it soothes my spirit!
11. A deeper relationship with the 52 Moves and The Body's Way, which have heightened my joy, healing, and conditioning in Nia class and in all physical activities.
12. Confidence in myself as a person. Self-Esteem Boost extraordinaire!! And Loving myself honestly means loving my husband, family, and friends with a deeper authenticity.
13. Being of Service~Helping to heal the world by sharing myself as a teacher of Nia, acting, and the natural world. And as a guide through the amazing White Belt Intensive. It is truly a Sacred Livelihood.

post the gifts from your White Belt in the comments!

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