Alicia Castrogiovanni

Nia Blue Belt Teacher

about Alicia

Alicia Castrogiovanni is a licensed Nia® Blue Belt and Moving to Heal Teacher. Drawn to Nia in 2009, she was intrigued by the holistic approach to movement and the combination of 9 different modalities in one class. Alicia has an extensive technical background in various forms of international dance but found freedom in Nia allowing her to break free from technical teachings and disciplines. The combination of free dance, fitness elements, and light choreography innate to the body's natural way of moving created a new way of exploring expression and emotion through dance that she wishes to share with others.

Currently, Alicia is teaching a private Nia Moving to Heal class that is free for residents of Capital Oaks Retirement Resort and Community in Raleigh.

Outside of Nia, Alicia dances on 2 performance dance teams - The Brazilian Arts Project student team, Equipe Faísca, and an Indian contemporary dance team, Aakrisht, under the direction of Rinku Das. Alicia is passionate about sharing the art and expression of dance with others.


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